Friday, 20 July 2012

What Colors Are Mostly Used For Sticker Making?

Sticker making is something that is now taking place all over the world as stickers are getting popular day by day. What make stickers so attractive especially to the young generation are the amazing colours that they possess. If stickers are not colourful but black and white then they would not have been able to be used for the various purposes that they are used for because of the colour scheme they contain. The sticker manufacturing companies make sure that they provide different kinds of colours so as to make sure that people keep on enjoying the usage of these spectacular things.

Why are colours important?
For the purposes of sticker printing it is necessary to use colours that will make the outlook of the sticker look more appealing. If colours that are very dull are used than the whole point of stickers would not survive. They are mostly enjoyed by youngsters and the liveliness which they possess should be seen in the stickers that are available for them. Colours give the feeling of hopes and encouragement which is extremely important for today’s social atmosphere where competition is at its peak and depression is increasing. The soothing effect that these decals provide is underestimated by most of the people. Imagine how boring our lives would be without colours. Black and white stickers would make our lives seem dull and meaningless. Everything should symbolize something and the kind of stickers that we use is the depiction of what we have in our minds. They convey different messages.

Most popular colours for stickers:
Bright colours are usually preferred for the stickers. Companies which manufacture stickers use the CMYK colour scheme. The C of this is for the colour cyan. An amazing colour which is lively like the colour of the sky and gives you hope. The M in this stands for magenta, a vibrant colour which gives a confident look. Yellow is represented by the letter Y and is a very nice colour as it gives the sticker especially is its vinyl sticker the brightness that it needs to be complete. And lastly K stands for black. Many people get confused by this as they expect black to be represented by the letter B, however it is reserved for blue. Black is the most popular colour in the world. Some even say that it is not a colour at all. Whatever the odds are, black is used in almost every sticker even if it is just the outline. Most of the stickers which contain any type of text use black as the main colour. It gives them the prominence they require. Although CMYK model is one of the most famous for stickers, other models are also available for stickers printing.
 If you want to order online stickers than you have the option of combining these colours to get a new shade as well which is called the secondary colour. These include red, green and blue respectively.

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